Coming together, sharing together,

working together, succeeding together.

At Bernini we treat each project as a unique entity, starting as soon as it is presented to us, as early as the bidding phase. After reviewing the drawings and specifications, our Sales and Estimating department meets with our Operations department to review the project as it relates to our past experience. If a project is beyond our scope or we do not think we can complete it within the given schedule, we will respectfully decline the bid offer. One of our primary objectives is to provide all of our clients with the best possible service, which sometimes means passing up the occasional project to ensure that our current clients get the attention they deserve.

After the walk-thru our Estimating department spends hours reviewing the drawings, specifications and notes made at the site meeting. It may take as much as 20 hours to properly estimate a project. We make every effort to generate the most competitive prices, but we are aware that we may not always have the lowest bid. We welcome every opportunity to review our bid before the final decision is made.

Once a project is awarded to us we have an inter-departmental meeting. We prepare contracts, pull permits, review schedules and budgets and order materials. With information shared and reviewed between our departments, each project is truly a team effort. In addition, we hold weekly meetings where we review each project in detail. After the kick-off meeting with the architect/engineer, owner and building representatives we are ready to start construction.

During mobilization the crew is familiarized with the existing conditions and potential safety hazards or danger zones. At the start of each new project, the site team is involved in a one-hour safety meeting held by the project manager and site foreman. The project team is invited to attend. In addition to our site safety meetings, Material Safety Data Sheets and a safety binder are always on site, along with a first aid kit. All our crew members are certified if they are riding scaffolds.

As demanded by the nature of our work we take care to protect not only the people involved but also to protect the building from construction debris and damage. All hallways and works areas are protected with paper and plastic. If necessary, work areas will be closed to tenants and appropriately marked. To identify workers, all field staff wear Bernini t-shirts.

The project manager is a constant presence for each project and will visit the site daily. Our project managers keep detailed field reports, including photographs, summarizing the activity on each job. We keep accurate computer and hard-copy records on the history of each job. Everyone in our office has a company-issued cellular phone and email account to stay connected. We also have a 24-hour emergency line in the event that the project manager is unavailable.

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